When should I refinance my mortgage loan?

Refinancing your mortgage can be a money-saving move, but not in every situation. Since there are costs associated with all refinancing, it can sometimes be more expensive to get a lower interest rate than holding your current loan. Moreover, browsing through all those offers from lenders can be overwhelming and even misleading. So how do you determine whether a refinancing […]

Corporate Loan 100% online

Peer-to-peer Online Loans, where any Individual or Legal Person can directly finance Small and Medium Enterprises.” Be able to count on a fast and secure credit for your company without needing a bank. It sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality. This has become real thanks to the peer to peer loan model or P2P lending that platforms like […]

Can I cancel my payday loan agreement?

You may be able to terminate your payday loan agreement from the date you signed it, or if the lender breached the rules. Two days delay You can cancel your payday loan agreement at any time within two business days of the date you signed it, until the end of the second business day. For example, if you signed your […]

Typical reasons for rejecting loan for the self employed

Credit rejection often without justification by the bank! If the desired self-employed loan is not granted, the applicant always asks why. But this is exactly where the problem starts, because as a rule, the loan cancellation takes place without any explanation of the specific reasons. With this anything but customer-friendly behavior of the bank, this wants to elude any discussion […]

Installment Loan

  The best alternative to Installment credit is a personal loan. If you do not want to install an installment loan with a bank, or if you can not borrow money from a bank for some reason, you can take out a personal loan. For the borrower, a loan from individuals usually offers some benefits: the creditworthiness requirements are lower, […]